Truck Toppers Are Perfect for Covering Cargo

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At Rock County Truck Accessories LLC in Beloit, Wisconsin, you can find the perfect truck cab that fits your lifestyle. Truck toppers add security, protection from the elements and one-of-a-kind style to your truck. Whether you prefer a roll-up or folding style, you can find a variety of brands at our store. We recommend our LEER Truck Caps, made right here in the United States, for a quality brand and style.

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Having a truck topper is extremely convenient

Having a truck topper is extremely convenient

Truck toppers are the perfect way to protect cargo from the elements. Whether you're going on an adventure or moving household items, your truck cab will give you a place to store your items safely. You can use a truck topper to transport:

  • Construction materials, such as ladders or power equipment
  • Camping gear, such as fishing poles or tents
  • Outdoor sporting gear, such as skis or surfboards
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